January Happy Hour Tuesday, January 24

January 24, 2023

Happy hour and learning session: Connecting Good People to Good Content

6:00 happy hour

6:30 program

Learn from a Popl VP, and activate your device, if you have not yet done that. Learn about the many benefits of My Benefit Advisor, through an MBA specialist – simply by being affiliated with People Connectors.

Community Component

For this event, we will continue our community support for Focus on Renewal (FOR) of StoRox. Their programs and partnerships connect children, adults, and families with relationships, resources, and opportunities to develop and sustain a thriving community. The resources include: Community resource center Food pantry Mental health services Critical needs emergency fund

You can donate to support Focus on Renewal at this event with cash or a check made out to Focus on Renewal, or you can donate through PayPal at the event.